Extreme cold warning issued for Manitoba

Extreme cold warning issued for Manitoba

Everyone loves snow days and beautiful weather the winter brings. But sometimes too much snow can bring some problems like difficult driving conditions and power outages. The winter forecast for Canada shows different temperatures and not as much snow, as it was last year. It is expected that the eastern part of the country throughout the winter will have a lot of rain and snow, predicts Accuweather.

This week will deliver the coldest temperatures and highest wind chill values of the winter. Bitterly or brutally cold air is descending over the eastern prairies of Manitoba.

Wind chill values falling to the -40 to -43 range can be expected in much of southern Manitoba tonight and in the morning as a bitterly cold arctic ridge of high pressure builds in from the west.

For Winnipeggers, the cold isn’t going away any time soon. Forecasts showing temperatures in the -20 to -30 C ranges for at least a week, and long-range models from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicates temperatures are likely to stay below normal until nearly the end of the month.

A few highways were also closed because of near-zero visibility. However, all highways had been reopened by Sunday afternoon.

Overall a country can expect a steady transition to winter and moderate temperatures in February.