Gathering place for new Canadians

Gathering place for new Canadians

Canada citizens consist of million people, who came to our country from all over the world, and they know how hard it is to start building a new life from scratch. Thanks to local initiative, there is a new place in Winnipeg to welcome newcomers and provide information on how to accommodate at the new place and provide information support at early stages of the life in their new home country. The most recent statistics show that Canada has taken a leading position in the field of refugee resettlement, according to new data collected by a researcher from the University of Calgary, which raises questions about the country's role in overcoming the growing international refugee crisis.

The most recent news is that in Winnipeg, Ryerson School is the new home of a community hub aimed at giving immigrants a warm welcome. The project was organized by Immigration Partnership Winnipeg and the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations.

Canada is known for being open to immigrants from all over the world and excepting refugees to help them feel safe and build a new life in a new country. Many of those refugees found a good job and a happily married to people they chose for themselves, they are also being productive members of Canadian society, often taking part in charity events and contributing as volunteers as much as they can.

Canada received just under 30,000 refugees in 2018, which is slightly higher than the number of displaced people in the European Union and by several thousand more than in the United States, which puts Canada on the position of historical leadership, reports.

The Government of Canada has slightly modified the requirements for candidates applying for the Express Entry program.

1.5% increased the minimum financial requirements for candidates. If earlier it was enough to show that you have 12,474 dollars in your account (for each candidate), now this amount is 12,669 dollars.

Thousands of new visitors every single year come to Canada and become citizens. The immigration in Canada is always was a big part of a country`s development and growth. With a great number of refugees coming into our country, the Federal Government wants to attract the brightest and hardworking young people to move to Canada and become permanent residents.

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