The issue concerning heated bus shelters is very relevant in Winnipeg

The issue concerning heated bus shelters is very relevant in Winnipeg

Should Winnipeg have more heated bus shelters?

At the moment, about 14% of all bus shelters are heated in the city. The mayor of the city said that he intended to establish more such bus shelters to make people not freeze on the streets while waiting for the bus.

However, some residents of the city are sure that first of all it is worthwhile to improve the quality of services provided by the transport company.

Recently, Brian Bowman said the following:

"The commitment I made was 55 heated transit shelters over the next four years. And it's absolutely something that I feel is needed," Bowman said on Monday. "I'm going to be working with my council colleagues to ensure that the funding is there, and we start building additional heated shelters."

"It's a cold weather city we know on days like today. If you're waiting for a bus, it is brutal in this weather. And so anything we can do to minimize the effects on transit riders while they're waiting for their buses, the better." he added.

Winnipeggers say that it is better to spend money on increasing the number of buses, and not on heated bus shelters. A larger number of buses will be able to significantly reduce the waiting time for transport on a cold winter day.

Elysse Paterson, the inhabitant of the city that takes the bus every day, says that the city needs to improve several things at once.

"I'd like more frequent buses, because I'll miss a bus, and I'm standing in the cold for 30 more minutes trying to get on another bus," Paterson said.

At the same time the woman said that heated bus shelters ale also a great idea but they should work.

"Even the heated shelters aren't really that heated. Some of them are turned off," she said. "There's a lot of stops that I'm at, where I have to just stand in the cold instead of having a shelter."

Despite all the advantages of heated bus shelters, residents of the city who regularly use public transport services believe that more buses are more important for the city.

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