Winnipeg jazz guitarist is ready to return to the stage

Winnipeg jazz guitarist is ready to return to the stage

Chet Breau, a famous guitarist from Winnipeg, passed many tests over the past two years and plans to return to the scene.

Two years ago, Breau was brought to the hospital, and his life was in great danger. He had too much extra weight, and therefore there were big heart problems.

"They had to do surgery immediately in order to save me," Chet explained. "They weren't making any promises if I was going to live or not, that's for sure. If I didn't go by an ambulance that day I probably would have died that night."

It all started after the mysterious death of his father, the famous musician Lenny Breau, in 1984. His body was found in the pool, the police said it was a murder, but they did not find the murderer. Chet Breau could not listen to his father’s music and found solace in food and alcohol.

"For the most part you don't even realize it until you are a couple hundred points heavier," Breau said. "It just creeps up. It just becomes the norm. You're almost not conscious of a lot of things when you are in that depressive of a state."

"I have a black sash in kung fu, and I taught and trained with Donny Lalonde, the boxer. It took years and years to get heavy," – the man continued.

Now, every day Breau is swimming in the pool and leading a healthy lifestyle. He gave up bad habits, eat only healthy foods and practices Buddhism. Despite his achievements, the guitarist says there is still a long way to go.

The musician has lost 200 pounds, and this is not his limit. He said he wants to be like B.B King, to see the whole world and to leave his musical heritage. Chet Breau hopes that soon he will begin a new life and will go on tour.  

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