Winnipeg dad builds an Ice Fort for his kids

Once upon a time in Winnipeg, there was a father, who had three sons and a beautiful wife. One sunny winter morning, while playing on the street with his sons, Dad asked what they were dreaming about. And the younger one said that they always dreamed of having an ice fort.

At that very moment father had an incredible idea and with a perception to build something special and magical for kids this the winter season, he began construction.

He went to the main market square at the kingdom and bought plastic containers, exactly the same shape as the ideal ice stone for the fortress and started the hard work. But the naughty winter queen interfered with his plans all the time: the strong cold broke the ice blocks, the ice swelling deformed half of the blocks every night. Some nights the air temperature that was last seen in Winnipeg 1975 at this time of the year, did not allow the blocks to freeze.

But the family teamed up and worked hard! The eldest son helped Dad a lot and the construction of the fort made them very close and made them true friends! Two younger sons waited with bated breath when the fort would finally be ready! And one beautiful morning, after 3 weeks of hard work and 500 blocks of ice, the fort was ready! Children could not get enough of their new miracle in the front yard, and the younger one said, this is the best gift for Christmas! Now they had their very own real fort and their own father build it and made the Christmas wish come true!

But the fairy tale does not end here, in fact, it just begins for other Winnipeggers. Now this fortress is a local magical place, people can’t keep their eyes off while driving by, kids want to get in and play at the ice fort, teenagers want to take pictures at this magical place and everyone else just enjoy the Christmas spirit this fortress bring to their neighbourhood!

Fellow Winnipeggers we wish you all the best luck in new 2019 year! Share this wonderful time with your family and loved ones, enjoy the winter in our beautiful city and do not forget to create magic not only for your children but for everyone around you!

Please visit this link to watch the video showing the creative Ice Fort making process.

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Winnipeg Ice Fort DIY
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