Winnipeg family makes one creative snowman

Winnipeg family makes one creative snowman

Everyone loves snow days and beautiful weather the winter brings. People take advantage of winter weather and having fun ice skating, sledding and, of course, winter fishing.

A very creative Winnipeg family decided to make for their little hockey player, a BIG snow hockey player in their front yard. As you can see in the photo, the figure looks very real and quite a good size, he even got a hockey stick!

Pictures and stories like this really show the values of Winnipeggers, the family, time spent together and enjoying the gifts of and life in Canada.

This week is one of the coldest for the last month in Manitoba, snow keeps coming and covering the city, some people constantly complain about the bad driving conditions and how hard it is to clear the yard of snow almost every day, but others just have fun and enjoy outdoor winter activities!

For Winnipeggers, the cold isn’t going away any time soon. Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the -20 to -30 C range for at least a week, and long-range models from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicate temperatures are likely to stay below normal until nearly the end of the month.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please get ready for the winter, it is not just about warm clothes for you and your family, but also make sure to change your tires for a winter ones and prepare all necessary equipment for snow cleaning, so you will have time to deal with the snow in front of your house and to get to work safely and on time! Share this wonderful time with your family and loved ones, enjoy the winter in our beautiful city and do not forget to create magic not only for your children but for everyone around you!