Flair Air 20-hour delay for Orlando - Winnipeg flight

Flair Air 20-hour delay for Orlando - Winnipeg flight

Nowadays everyone takes flights. Even the people, who afraid of planes, still fly because it is the safest and fastest way to travel, sometimes, though, the incidents happen. Planes have mechanical issues or the passengers have some health or mental problems, which can force a crew to make a decision of an emergency landing in the nearest airport.

Flair Air Flight 8802 was supposed to arrive in Winnipeg from Orlando Thursday afternoon but only landed at Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport after 11 a.m. Friday, February 8th.

Passengers described a series of miscommunicated and conflicting emails, hours spent on the tarmac without food or water, meal vouchers that restaurants wouldn’t accept and having to find their own way to a hotel provided by the airline during the delay.

The ordeal began Wednesday when passengers received an email from the airline saying their flight the following day would be delayed. Thirty minutes later, they received another email saying the first email was in error and to disregard it.

The following day, they arrived at the airport only to be told their flight was, indeed, delayed.

Hungry passengers were given meal vouchers that weren’t accepted by several of the airport restaurants.

Flair Air company spokesperson responded with a statement:

“We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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