The best indoor activities to beat the winter (part 2)

The best indoor activities to beat the winter (part 2)

What to do in Winnipeg in the winter?

Of course, there are many skating rinks and other open-air entertainment places in the city. However, what to do if the weather does not allow city residents to spend much time on the street?

We want to talk about the best indoor activities for Winnipeggers of all ages!

1. Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing has been working for three years and is very popular. Inside there are four wooden targets where people throw axes.

"A lot of people think it's super easy. That you just come in there and huck an axe," said Blair, an axe throwing coach. "Then they start to realize there's more to it than just throwing an axe. Form, power, distance. It all adds up."

Winnipeg residents of all ages can come and have fun in Bad Axe Throwing. The first hour of playing costs $20 plus tax.

2. Uptown Alley

Academy Lanes bowling alley now works in a new location. Uptown Alley offers bowling alleys, a restaurant and also the video game arcade and a space-themed laser tag game.

"The entertainment space is getting more competitive. A lot more things have come into the market since Academy opened 40 years ago," said Uptown Alley president Todd Britton. "We really wanted to offer something to excite people and make them want to stay longer."

Bowling works seven days a week from 10 a.m.

3. Activate Games

Activate Games has 11 rooms. Each of them offers various types of activities. Up to 5 people can play in the same room. When a person pays the entrance fee, he gets a bracelet, which starts counting 90 minutes.

The minimum age of the players is 10. 

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