Here are essential tips on winter driving in Winnipeg

Here are essential tips on winter driving in Winnipeg

Winnipeg driving instructor shares useful tips on how to stay safe on roads in winter.

Winter driving without special skills and knowledge promises you great trouble and it also can cause damage to other people. In this regard, a driving instructor from Winnipeg tells us the most important rules that all drivers on the city roads should know.

Mukesh Kaushal has been working as a driving instructor for more than 15 years and he saw the city in any weather.

"You cannot drive like it's summer," he said. "You have to be extra careful."

Experienced drivers know pretty well how to drive when the weather is harsh. However, beginners should be more careful.

"You have to take control of the wheel, and do it slowly," he explains. "Do not touch the brake and the accelerator, just go easy on it. Ease over the ruts slowly."

Mukesh also adds that before turning the speed should be reduced in advance. Otherwise, collision is unavoidable. The driving instructor warns that snow drifts can impair visibility. Therefore, the driver should carefully look around, or he may not even notice the person.

The last, but one of the most important rules, is that all drivers must have winter tires. If they do not have, they are prohibited from driving on the roads of the city in winter as they can be very dangerous to themselves, other drivers and pedestrians.

"Otherwise, you're taking a big chance," he said. "We all think we are good drivers, but those tires help."

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