Winnipeg student wants to raise awareness of children about vaping

Winnipeg student wants to raise awareness of children about vaping

A teenager from Winnipeg wants to reduce the popularity of vaping among the youth of the city.

Riley Farrell is 16, and he shares his story to change thinking of other students.

"On Instagram you see dudes blowing O's and doing all these tricks and having huge clouds and the kids come to school and they want to do that," he says. "The packages have gummy bears here showing the candy and the fancy writing and the kind of graffiti style ... it's stuff that's meant to be visually striking so when kids look at it, they think 'I want that.'"

Three years after he started vaping, the guy admitted that he had a serious addiction. He became interested in health risks and not wants to get rid of his bad habit. He tells his story so that other children can protect their health.  

"I want other kids to see how bad it is and why we shouldn't. Even if you're on it, you should get off of it. And if you're not on it, you shouldn't start," he says.

He made a report at his school and explained how vaping affects human health. He said that numerous studies have shown that teenagers who are addicted to vaping more often begin to try cigarettes than others.

At the moment JUUL is one of the most popular e-cigarettes. It is very small and it can be hidden in many places, including school bathrooms and classrooms.

Farrell also says that parents should pay attention to their children and talk with them about vaping.

"If your kid owns an iPhone and there's a Samsung charger in his room, what's he using that for?" Farrell says. "If you go into your son's room and it doesn't just smell like cologne or something, it smells like fruity pebbles or like flowers in there, you're going to obviously be like, 'Hey, that's not his cologne.'"

Although e-cigarettes are not sold to children under 18, they probably have older sisters, brothers and friends who can help buy them.

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