A Winnipeg stand up comedian is in the hospital

A Winnipeg stand up comedian is in the hospital

A Winnipeg stand up comedian, John B. Duff, is in the hospital and he continues to treat life with humour.

John B. Duff is well known to the inhabitants of Winnipeg. He made Winnipeggers laugh for more than 15 years. He is now 51, and he is in the hospital room – Jeff has brain lesions. The man cannot walk and stand without the help of other people, but he does not lose faith in humour.

Unfortunately, doctors still cannot find a single diagnosis for a comedian.

"There's a sense of hopelessness when you're going through this," Duff said. "I'd much rather be working. In the game. I'd much rather be going to movies with my girlfriend."

As Jeff said, he fell ill very quickly. In the fall, he was completely healthy, and now his legs do not obey him.

"I just started falling down a lot. My balance was completely off. I had no strength in my legs," he said.

Brain scans revealed some lesions. They may be due to cancer, or they may be a sign of swelling that will soon go away. No one knows for sure. The only thing he knows- he will spend more than one month in the hospital.

"All the half premises are present. The food is terrible. The beds are uncomfortable," he said. "You find humour as a coping device."

John’s close friend organized an online fundraiser to pay hospital bills. Duff said that he is filled with emotions, a lot of people have responded and several thousand dollars have been raised.

John dreams of coming back to the stage and making a lot of people laugh again.

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