Winnipeg mattress recycling program

Winnipeg mattress recycling program

Bed bugs are a real problem in Winnipeg and, according to statistics from year to year, it runs in our city for at least a few years in a row on a very high level. Winnipeg was in second place in 2017 and, apparently, nothing had changed in 2018 as well. According to a press release from Orkin Canada, the problem with bed bugs in Winnipeg is at an all-time high.

So changing your old mattress on time is very important not just to sleep in comfort, but for your health as well. So what to do with your old mattress, now there is a simple and responsible solution available in our city!

The most recent exciting recycling pilot program is now live in Winnipeg, the Mother Earth Recycling for mattresses recycling, the only location is our city.

The process for mattress recycling is to separate the fabrics, foam, metal, and wood, to be recycled. Also, mother earth recycling incinerates the mattresses before recycling! It's very unique in what they do, every piece of the mattress is broken down, and no other place will do it. And mattresses don’t break down naturally. This is great! No need for mattresses to sit in landfills.

The program is scheduled until January 31, 2020, or until 8,000 mattresses are collected, residents can drop off a combination of up to six mattresses for free.

The project is targeting to collect 8,000 mattresses and box springs from landfills.

If you choose to participate and recycle, please deliver the mattress to Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot located at 1777 Brady Road, location open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

“This pilot project not only benefits the environment, but it also creates social and economic prosperity and stability for our community,” said Jessica Floresco, general manager for Mother Earth Recycling.

Recycling is not new to Winnipeg, but every new project brings more opportunities to participate and help us save nature and save our planet! Fellow Winnipeggers, please come over and bring your friends to share the idea of recycling in general.