The unusual way to push the car out of the snow

The unusual way to push the car out of the snow

Between 10-15 cm of snow blanketed Winnipeg last week. Winds are also causing low visibility on the roads. Strong wind gusts near 50 km/h created snow drifts throughout the city, according to Shannon Moodie of Environment Canada.

If your vehicle gets stuck in the snow and there are no heavy duty vehicles around to help and pull it out on the road, well…there are other ways to do it!

A few young people figured out how to pull the car out on their own. They came up with an unusual way of how to pull out a car stuck in the snow if there is no towing cable at hand.

A group of people in an SUV pull up behind the taxi to help it up the hill. One person goes on top of the hood of the SUV and places their feet on the back of the taxi. The SUV starts to push the taxi up the hill with the person in between both vehicles pushing with his legs and body. Little by little Canadians managed to push the taxi up the hill.

Someone managed to film the whole process, so you can visit the link below to watch a video:

For Winnipeggers, the cold isn’t going away any time soon. Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the -20 to -30 C ranges for at least a week, and long-range models from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicates temperatures are likely to stay below normal until nearly the end of the month.

Let`s all be responsible and polite drivers, it is easy just to follow the rules and parking signs, city authorities are working to do everything to make Winnipeg great and safe place to work and to live in!