Vacation in the Dominican Republic ended in tragedy for a resident of Winnipeg

Vacation in the Dominican Republic ended in tragedy for a resident of Winnipeg, Iryna Chyrkova

The long-awaited vacation turned into a real tragedy for Holly Twoheart, a woman from Winnipeg.

Holly Twoheart went to the Dominican Republic with her daughter, Danielle Twoheart, 26. However, their rest ended earlier than expected — the girl fell from the balcony and died. The woman said that at about 2 a.m. she was woken by the hotel staff and was said that her daughter had fallen from the balcony of the third floor.

"They said there'd been an accident and I looked down and I saw my daughter in the grass," Holly said. "I was screaming and crying 'that's my baby'."

Daniel was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save the girl. Hotel staff also reported that the girl probably jumped down. However, her mother said that was hardly true.

"They were trying to say she jumped, I don't think she jumped, why would she jump?" she said. "I'm thinking she was running from somebody or somebody scared her."

Daniel has two daughters, and this is a very great sorrow for the family. The police are still investigating, but for now they have more questions than answers. They cannot give the family an explanation of what happened that terrible night.

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