Winnipeg pastor will get to prison

Winnipeg pastor will get to prison

Winnipeg pastor Nathan Rieger is 53 and he was sentenced for two years for arranging to meet a teenage girl for having sex.

The pastor was found guilty after he offered a 15-year-girl to meet in California. The girl whom he had to meet was an avatar created by the Police. When the man came to the meeting place, the police were waiting for him and he was arrested.

David Ruis, the national director of the Association of Vineyard Churches Canada, was shocked, he said he could not believe when he heard about the arrest.

"To our knowledge, beyond this present situation in California, we know of no untoward incidents involving Nathan," the man said. "Should you wish, don't hesitate to be in touch with our office. We certainly want to be accessible if you desire to contact us."

Nathan Rieger was a pastor at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Church for about 19 years and got a very good reputation for the entire period of work. In this regard, his colleagues consider him innocent.

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