Manitoba's immunization rates among kids is the lowest in the country

Manitoba's immunization rates among kids is the lowest in the country

Winnipeg woman calls parents to vaccinate their kids.

Her son is twelve and he has a heart transplant. The woman wants to warn other parents about what terrible consequences can be if they do not vaccinate their kids. Her son had a heart transplant at the age of 4 months and since then the boy has hardly left the hospital due to all sorts of complications.

"You've been fighting so many things that you don't have control over that have made your child so sick, and then there's something that people do have control over, and they're not taking care of it, they're not immunizing their kids. It's frustrating. It's frustrating and it's terrifying because I don't think they know the consequences of that," said his mother, Kim Crane.

The statistics show that about 25% of children do not receive the necessary vaccinations in the province. This leads to measles epidemics and to other diseases among kids. Kim Crane’s son cannot get all the necessary vaccines due to his health problems. However, if the rest of the children get them and do not get sick, then the boy's chances of life will become much higher.

The woman respects the right of parents to refuse vaccination, but this can harm many other children, who have the same problems as her son.  Provincial doctors also express their concern about the situation, because every year fewer and fewer kids get all the necessary vaccinations.

"The numbers are disappointingly low, so really, there's no logical reason why they should be lower than 95 percent if we were doing a good enough job of convincing the general public that vaccines are going to prevent severe disease in small children," said Dr. Joan Robinson.

The woman also added that despite the spread of negative information about vaccinations through social networks, most parents still remain aware of the usefulness of this procedure.

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