Winnipegger`s travel plans fold after flight canceled

Winnipegger`s travel plans fold after flight canceled

Nowadays everyone takes flights. Even the people, who afraid of planes, still fly because it is the safest and fastest way to travel, sometimes, though, the incidents happen. Planes have mechanical issues or the passengers have some health or mental problems, which can force a crew to make a decision of an emergency landing in the nearest airport.

Abdul Koroma, a citizen of Winnipeg and a videographer by trade, has a job scheduled in March, that will take place in Miami, Fl. for one of his customers and, of course, he booked a purchased a flight ticket to get there. His plans, though, have hit a bit of a snag. Koroma booked his flight with Flair Air, and on Tuesday he received an email from the airline.

"Basically saying we're sorry, the flight is canceled," said Koroma.

Experienced travelers recommend him to try and book 2 connecting flights that will get him to the destination on time. It is most likely will cost more than just one direct flight, but at least there are some options. Also, this will give more flexibility if one of the flights gets canceled, there is always another one available instead, possibly will have to spend more time at the airport between the flights.

That's what Abdul Koroma is trying to do, although he expects it will now be a more costly endeavor.

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