There is a price for ignoring Winnipeg snow zones

There is a price for ignoring Winnipeg snow zones

After the snow storms, Winnipeg city authorities implement special parking rules, so parked overnight vehicles will not be in the way of workers and the snow clearing equipment. The city authorities use special signs to mark places that are prohibited from parking, which are priorities for snow removal.

Last week delivered the coldest temperatures and highest wind chill values of the winter in Winnipeg so far, also, the snow covered all the streets and vehicles parked on both sides of the road, that are blocking the snow clearing workers way.

Winnipeg residents spend this winter digging up their cars from snow and emptying their wallets. 

Snow Emergency: The mayor can announce this at any time. Temporary No Parking: Signs will appear indicating that individual streets are temporarily in the process of clearing snow. Vehicles parked in any of these areas will receive a $ 100 fine, the bans will be valid until March 1st. Unfortunately, some drivers do not learn on their own mistakes and get

During the first ban, from 9th to 11th January this year, 477 fines were distributed. The second ban, which was in force from February 10th to February 13th, resulted in 1,448 fine tickets, a total of 1,925 fines enriched the city treasury.

During the only ban on parking in residential areas in 2018, only 903 fines were issued. That shows a dramatic increase in issued fines in 2019 for parking in the snow clearing zone.

Winnipeggers and guests of our city can check their parking zone just by visiting the link below: