Two Winnipeggers arrested for drugs

Two Winnipeggers arrested for drugs

Drug trafficking problem is on a rise in Canada for the last couple of years. Winnipeg authorities started a full-scale investigation into the city`s meth problem. As per Winnipeg Police, there is a spike in meth-related crime incidents, like property theft, residential break-ins, unreasonable anger towards each other (meth users) and other people around them, violent attacks, some ending up in lethal outcomes for victims.

On Thursday, February 21st two Winnipeggers were arrested during a morning raid in the 700 block of Maryland Street. A search of the house turned up a 12-gauge shotgun and ammo, 9.5 grams of meth, nine rocks of crack cocaine, three morphine pills, pepper spray, a loaded .22 magazine, and drug weighing and packaging paraphernalia.

A 43-year-old Jason Thomas Paquette faces a total of 17 charges for drugs and guns and many more other offenses. A 34-year0old Jessica Ann Bartel faces 10 similar charges.

Opioid use continues to be a public-health crisis with just under 4,000 deaths across Canada in 2017 and over 3,000 in 2016. During the past two months, the Winnipeg Police Department for Drug Enforcement and the Street Crime Unit have conducted several raids against middle-level drug dealers, focusing on the illicit trade in methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.

Unfortunately meth and other drug trafficking is a rising problem in Manitoba and Canada overall, hopefully, police and local authorities will really concentrate on dedicating the funds and resolving this issue.

All of the recent statistics and police reports show that drugs of any kind are a big and constantly growing problem in Canada. Even though local police, provincial and government agencies put up a fight, work hard, dedicate a lot of manpower and recourses to fight the drug trafficking crime in our country, it is just not enough! Some big changes need to be done on a national level to change this and make our society safe for all of us, especially our children and young teenagers.