Slow down or pay the fine

Slow down or pay the fine

A lot of accidents on the road happened because drivers are in a hurry and some are excessively speeding, distracted or simply intentionally do not follow the rules and regulations. Every year, about 421,000 people are injured in crashes that have involved a driver who was distracted in some way. Over 78% of all distracted drivers are distracted because they have been texting while driving.

In 2018 that number is already much higher throughout Canada. Manitoba alone seeing a 25% increase in road fatalities. Most of those accidents happening due to drivers being distracted and over 78% of them were texting, just imagine that number.

Police had busted a driver, who was speeding on one of the Manitoba highways, the person going 140 km/h on Highway 6 now will have to pay a hefty ticket.

Just as cops pulled over the wannabe race car driver behind the wheel of a white Kia Sorento, a fox jumped onto the road and gave the speeder a look of disdain.

RCMP sent out a playful tweet about the interaction, quoting international sensation Ylvis’s song “What Does the Fox Say”:

“And the fox said…



Chacha-chacha-chacha-CHING! $573 please."#MBHwy6, south of Ponton. #noexcuses #ThisIsWhereWeWork #rcmpmb”

Now the drive has to pay a $573 speeding ticket for going way over the speed limit.

Fellow Winnipeggers please don’t text and drive, follow the speed limits, the limits there for a good reason, keep our roads safe and easy to drive. Let’s all be responsible drivers and care for each other, so at the end of the day, we can all come back home to our loved ones.