An 86-year-old man missing

An 86-year-old man missing

Unfortunately, almost every day a police report filed about a missing person in Canada. Most of them found fast and returned home safely, but for in some cases, the search continues for months. A missing person is always a tragedy for the family and friends. People have no rest, can’t sleep peacefully, when a family member is not at home and safe. But the police and family members work hard every day to locate the missing person and provide help if needed.

Winnipeg Police are asking for the public’s help in locating 86-year-old John Costello.

Costello was last seen in the south Transcona area Tuesday, but it’s believed he traveled between Lundar, Man., Ashern, Man., and Winnipeg that evening. Costello is driving a 2009 blue GMC Sierra pickup truck with the license plate BAT 376. His truck has a blue cap on the back.

Costello is six-foot-four with an average build, has short white hair and is wearing glasses. He could also be wearing a one-piece black snowsuit and a red hat.

Fellow Winnipeggers, lets help with what we can to locate a missing person, he may be your friend, neighbor or nobody to you, but he is one of us, citizens of Manitoba. If you or anyone you know has any useful information about the whereabouts of Costello, please contact your local police department.

Also, you can visit a link below to leave a tip about missing man:

As per Winnipeg Police, any tip or any information can be very important and could possibly lead officers to the missing person. In cases like this, especially with elder citizens and children, every hour counts.