Alcohol thefts in Winnipeg

Alcohol thefts in Winnipeg

Liquor thefts are a big and constantly increasing problem in Winnipeg. Winnipeg police said that security staff of these stores is not doing their job, not doing enough to prevent thefts like this from happening in their stores, but also often employees do not even try to intervene or confront thieves when such crimes occur.

Despite calls for Winnipeg Liquor Mart staff to react more aggressively in response to ongoing daylight booze thefts, a loss prevention consultant says there are a number of reasons why that’s unlikely to happen. Most of the workers are simply afraid to intervene because they are scared for their own safety and life.

As police said, criminals just walk into the store, take the liquor and simply leave, guards do not try to stop them. Wednesday Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries had a statement go public, where they claim such incidents are getting out of hand and dangerous for employees and other store customers when criminal are being confronted. At some point, simple robbery can turn into a life-threatening situation if guards are involved, so in many cases, people just chose to do not intervene, to stay safe and alive.

Retail security analyst Stephen O’Keefe said that staff – including security guards – at retail stores aren’t necessarily given free rein to make arrests if they witness a theft, and typically do not engage. “The liquor stores are not standalone unique when they tell regular employees not to arrest,” said O’Keefe.

Liquor thefts are happening even during a day or early in the morning, and it appears that some criminals do not even care about the security guards and other customers in the store.

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