Prairie Theatre Exchange's new season welcomes world class premieres

Winnipeg theatre’s 2019-20 season features several world class premieres.

All theatre fans definitely looked forward to the announcement of the premieres of the new season. 2019-20 season is different due to the fact that viewers will see several world premieres, including a long-awaited new play from a Governor General's Award-winning Winnipeg playwright and a new adaptation of a Robert Munsch favourite.

Here what we will see next season at PTE:

1. The Third Colour (Oct. 2-20)

Two spirits took on the appearance of indigenous women and a view at Canadian history is shown from their side. This absurd comedy was created by Winnipeg's Ian Ross, who won a GG Award for his fareWel, which premiered at PTE in 1996.

2. The Wedding Party (Nov. 20-Dec. 8)

The premiere of this comedy took place in Toronto in 2017 and it immediately became a hit. The Wedding Party will show all the tense moments faced by the newlyweds and guests during the wedding reception. The author of the comedy is Kristen Thomson.

3. Ghost Light (Jan. 22, 2020-Feb. 9, 2020)

This solo show tells the story of a woman, who is played by a male actor. He plays both himself and his mother. Brunswick playwright/actor Shawn Wright is the only person on the stage.

4. By Grand Central Station (March 11-29, 2020)

This play is based on Elizabeth Smart's acclaimed 1945 prose poetry novel. It shows poetry, dance and the music of Winnipeg's Heavy Bell. Winnipeg's Heavy Bell is a duo of Tom Keenan and Matt Peters.

5. The Gingerbread Girl (April 15, 2020-May 3, 2020)

This is the world premiere of the play of Winnipeg writer and actor Sharon Bajer. It tells the story of a family who turned to the witch when they wanted to have a baby.

6. No Foreigners (Sept. 12-14)

This production is made by David Yee. It tells about "the cultural phenomenon that is the Chinese mall in Canada”.

7. MAE - Motion Aftereffect (Oct. 30-Nov. 3

This show tells about virtual reality. It is a new work created by Winnipeg dancer and experimental artist Freya Bjorg Olafson.

8. Exciting Consequences (Feb. 19-23, 2020)

This production was created by Winnipeg dancer Ming Hon. It was called "highly athletic score inspired by music that the audience does not hear."

9. The Paper Bag Princess (Dec. 19, 2019-Jan. 5, 2020)

This new hour-long adaptation was made by Winnipeg actor/writer Alissa Watson. Some viewers will be able to look at The Paper Bag Princess with different eyes.

MORE NEWS:Winnipeg Folk Festival is going to welcome the world-class stars

Winnipeg theatre Winnipeg theatre’s 2019-20 season world class premieres
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