A movie based on Manitoba snow maze will be released next winter

A movie based on Manitoba snow maze will be released next winter

A Maze In Winter Romance, a movie based on Manitoba snow maze, will appear next winter.

Most recently, a snow maze near Winnipeg drew the attention of the whole world - it broke the record and got into the Guinness Book of Records. When filmmaker Juliette Hagopian heard about the maze, she came up with the idea of a movie.

"We heard about the maze, and the buzz that was happening with it, and it breaking the Guinness World Record," Hagopian said. "Then we started working, and here we are."

Hagopian decided to become the first person to make a film about the snow maze, so she immediately set to work.

"No one's ever done a movie based around an ice maze ... we thought that it would be great," said Hagopian. "It seemed like the right thing to do."

Spring will come very soon and the maze will begin to melt. Therefore, Hagopian and her team do not have much time to make a movie. The woman said that preparing to start shooting, including writing the script, took only two weeks.

"When we're making films, we want people to know that we can bring to life anything that happens here even if it's –40," said Manitoba filmmaker. "Anytime we showcase what Manitobans do, it's important for the film industry."

Hagopian has been shooting films for over 15 years, and she admitted that she had not yet seen such bright and unusual places as the snow maze.

The owner of the maze, Masse has been of great assistance to the film crew. The man allowed the group to go to his house, and also opened access to any place that is necessary for shooting.

"Someone might see a drone flying over them, and see themselves in the movie and say, that's my red tuque," he said. "When you're a small business you have to take every opportunity to market it."

The idea of creating a maze came to the Masse family 21 years ago. Then his family created a corn maze. Masse is sure that having fun with the family will never go out of fashion, and so he decided to make a winter version of the maze.

Masse does not plan to stop. He will develop and increase his mazes to make them even more interesting and attractive to people from all over the country.

"It's not only about the maze, of course, it's the big attraction, but all the small things matter, too," Masse said. "I want people to think the trip out here is worthwhile, and keep them busy for hours."

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