Manitoba snow maze set a new Guinness record

Manitoba snow maze set a new Guinness record

Manitoba snow maze breaks Guinness record. Now, it is the biggest in the world.

Clint Masse, the owner of A Maze in Corn, found out about his achievements on Monday morning. Before that, Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay was holding the record.

"It feels good like when people ask, we can actually say Guinness says we're the biggest. We are, in fact, the biggest," said Clint Masse.

Masse was sure of his victory, but he was silent about the size of the maze so that his rivals would not know. Now, the size is already known officially - 2,789.11 square metres. The previous record was 1,696 square meters.

"We thought we could do it but you'd never know because the people in the woodwork that might be making these snow mazes as well ... and so, that's why it feels really good. It's official at one time in history. Manitoba has the biggest snow maze in the world," Masse said.

The maze attracted many people not only from Winnipeg or Canada but also from other countries, such as the USA and Spain. Masse put all his strength into the snow maze, it was his hope because A Maze in Corn had the worst sales in 2018 for the last 20 years.

Clint Masse expressed great gratitude to his family and all visitors of the maze.

"We were just thankful that we got the expenses paid and then now we're kind of where we should have been at the end of October and just kind of a renewed vigour with it and with the new enterprise and watching people enjoy it in winter. It was invigorating for us, for sure."

The man also said that he is not going to stop, and next year he will create a bigger and more beautiful maze with more interesting puzzles.

The snow maze even attracted a film crew.

"It's going to be a snow-mazing romance," he laughed. 

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