Autonomous snowplow made its first trip at Winnipeg's airport

Autonomous snowplow made its first trip at Winnipeg's airport

Now Winnipeg can truly be considered the modern city of the future.

On March 14, a new self-driving snowplow, named Otto, was demonstrated to public. Otto is able to clear runways of snow autonomously, without the help of a driver. It became a breakthrough in North America.

Otto creator Shawn Schaerer from Northstar Robotics said that people use GPS to guide a snowplow. Otto has a built-in radar to avoid possible obstacles in its path.

The Winnipeg Airports Authority is very pleased with the new transport and believes that Otto will be especially useful during big snow drifts, when drivers may be in danger. Ordinary snowplows have great difficulty when driving in zero visibility conditions. Otto can cope with such a situation.

Shawn Schaerer also said that he hopes every airport in Canada will have such snowplow in the recent future. The man added that he plans to create Otto, which can work on city streets and highways. It will be a new autonomous world that is powered by Manitoba-made technology.

The authority of the airport explained the presence of an autonomous snowplow will not lead to a reduction in staff at the airport. It will only improve the quality of work in difficult weather conditions.

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