The most stupid robbery of the year in Winnipeg

The most stupid robbery of the year in Winnipeg

Two robbers, a man, and a woman broke into the Flamingo Vape Shop in St. Norbert for vapers and took the Acer laptop, the iPad, as well as several electronic cigarettes.

The whole robbery process was recorded by surveillance cameras. Judging by these records, the criminals could not even imagine how to behave during the raid. The store owner even posted a video with unlucky thieves on Youtube, along with his mocking comments.

What should criminal wear during a robbery? Did you try to disguise yourself? Maybe put on something black to reduce the risk of detection? Not. He came in a reflective vest, and therefore on the recording from surveillance cameras the thief is all lit up. Literally!

Do you know how chargers work? For sure! But this robber is not. See how he smashes the table in trying to deal with the stubborn wire reaching for the laptop.

The funny thing is: the criminal still wins in the fight with the charger - but leaves without it. And what is the thief going to do with the laptop when a battery dies? This is an Acer, not a MacBook - it means that a suitable charger is not sold on every corner.

The author of the video states: probes with liquids for electronic cigarettes are the least valuable thing in his store. However, the robber decided to steal them.

A woman accomplice broke the glass showcase and took away exhibition samples from there, just some empty boxes.

Pay attention to the robber's weapon! Instead of bringing the usual hammer, she dragged a huge sledgehammer.

The thieves, as the author of the video suggests, forgot to take a backpack with them where they could put the loot. But the kidnapper did not lose her head and grabbed a trash can, with which she began to run around the store. She did not notice that the bottom had fallen off the bucket - and that is why all that the abductor had thrown there just ended up on the floor. Brilliant!

The thieves are now wanted by the police in Manitoba. The store is not exactly crushed, but it will take several hours to clean it up. Thieves did not take anything particularly valuable. The Flamingo owner offers a reward of $ 2,000 for information that will help identify amateur robbers.

Have a pleasure to watch a funny video of the described robbery:

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