Man arrested for assault at downtown bus shelter

Man arrested for assault at downtown bus shelter

Winnipeg`s authorities recognize the growth of our city`s needs, the population grows every year and the workforce visiting Winnipeg constantly increases as well. Public transportation is a very important part of city infrastructure modernization and development.

A Winnipeg man is behind bars after he was observed assaulting four people in a downtown bus shelter.

A 56-year-old Glen Roger Asselin faces charges of uttering threats, possessing a weapon, and four counts of assault after the incident on Wednesday, March 13th, which took place at the intersection of Graham Avenue and Fort Street at around 7:20 p.m.

The suspect punched one woman and shoved another before he was stopped by two Winnipeg Transit supervisors, both of whom were also assaulted and threatened.

The city’s Executive Policy Committee has voted to install bus driver safety shields in Winnipeg Transit buses in the next year. The cost to purchase shields for all Winnipeg buses is estimated at $3.15 million.

Bowman said he and his counterparts from more than 20 cities across the country are asking for concrete investment in public transit. All levels of government need to work collaboratively on the issue, he said, but the dialogue with the feds is going well so far.

Winnipeg bus drivers safety means a lot for the city`s transportation inspectors. This is a huge plan, with a pretty high bill that the city of Winnipeg will have to pay to protect the drivers and make transit transportation safer for everyone else too. The public transportation system is a very important part of Winnipeg`s daily life, because of thousands of people use it every day to commute to work and back home, they rely on the system and people need to be able to catch that bus on time and make to work or home to their families.

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