Winnipeg man is starting The Dinner Party for young people who have lost someone

Winnipeg man is starting The Dinner Party for young people who have lost someone

Ben Simcoe decided to help young people who have lost someone.

Simcoe lost his mother when he was 24, and at that time he had nobody to talk about it. Now, Ben decided to make his contribution and to organize The Dinner Party for other young people in Winnipeg who want to talk about their grief.

The Dinner Party is a non-profit and it has its chapters in many countries. It helps many young people survive their losses and interact with other people who are in similar situations.

Ben Simcoe said that he was reluctant to discuss what happened in his family and in this connection he began to avoid contact with people. He started to feel isolated from society. It is much easier to communicate with people who are experiencing the same problems. This can really help.

In order to prevent the isolation of young people, The Dinner Party invites them for informal meetings where they can tell their story and hear the stories of other people.

Simcoe is very excited and he is looking for like-minded people to join his Winnipeg chapter. He considers the appearance of such an organization in the city is a very important event because now everyone can say what he feels without fear of hearing a condemnation or misunderstanding.

If you want to know more information and to join the chapter, just visit The Dinner Party website and click join a table link to sign-up. You can also connect with Simcoe to ask any questions you want.

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