Winnipeg getting ready for flood season

Winnipeg getting ready for flood season

Flood water is a hazard to health and extremely dangerous when moving. Flooding can occur at any time of the year and can be due to many causes from heavy rainfall and blocked drains to burst water mains, tidal ingress and burst river banks. ... Whatever the cause, flood water presents a general hazard to health.

Winnipeggers can now pick up sandbags to help prevent flood damage on their property, sandbags are available seven days a week at three locations in Winnipeg.

The City says its public works department is taking all necessary steps ahead of any overland and river flooding.

Based on predictions, water levels in his town could rise to 2011 levels with a normal melt season – which harms local businesses if the highway gets shut off. In 2011, Highway 75 was closed for about a month due to flooding. The city says it’s following the Province’s lead, in terms of flood preparations.

The Manitoba Government is predicting major flooding this spring along the Red River. A Sustainable Development Minister Ron Schuler issued the first flood forecast of the year.

The communities along the river banks know very well how dangerous floods could be. From the destruction power of moving water, that destroys houses and vehicles, to a deadly danger for people, who get caught by the stream. The biggest area of concern is the Red River and Highway 75, which leads from Winnipeg to the USA border.

Low-lying farmlands and some private households in some areas are expected to be temporarily flooded, and some sections on roads such as Highway 75, the main route connecting Winnipeg to the United States border, will likely have to be closed.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please pay attention to the Thin Ice Warning, be careful and do not go or take your family to any of the city ponds for ice skating or other activities on the ice!

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