Tenants say they do not feel safe in Winnipeg based buildings

Tenants say they do not feel safe in Winnipeg based buildings

People fear for their safety because their apartments do not meet the necessary standards.

Several tenants and local advocates explained that one of Winnipeg's largest property management companies absolutely ignores the conditions in which people live and forces many of them to leave their apartments.

A dozen current and former Armour Property Management tenants are disappointed that the company is very slow in responding to complaints and not applying the necessary measures to improve housing conditions.

As it became known, the company provides housing for people with poor rental history and with very low income. Then it violates its duties because it understands that people have no other choice but to live in such conditions.

Armour Property Management has one of the lowest levels of apartments in the city. The company began operations in 2015. Since then, it received three times more complaints and requests for repairs than other big landlords in Winnipeg.

Mike Romani, Armour Property Management president, said that his company cannot be compared with others since its houses are mainly located in the city center. Accordingly, the company faces problems such as meth crisis much oftener. Moreover, the city does not allow evicting certain problem people.

Jim McKenzie explained that he lived with black mould on the bathroom ceiling for months. The man is confident that his landlord did not want to do anything with this problem due to the very low rent that McKenzie pays. Black mould can harm health. In this regard, the man was forced to look for a new apartment.

Christopher Reed, another tenant, said he does not feel safe as he sees people who regularly pry open the doors, inject drugs, and have sex and urinate in the hallways almost every day.

These are just a few of the cases that show chastity of Armour Property Management towards people who live in its houses. 

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