The bass is finally back to an iconic local music venue

The bass is finally back to an iconic local music venue

John Scoles is glad to see the stolen guitar back to the music venue.

Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club owner John Scoles informed that Fender 1957 Precision Reissue bass guitar was stolen last week.

The man explained that somebody broke into the music venue and committed theft. He immediately made a post on Facebook and shared all the details of the incident. Moreover, he showed photos of the stolen guitar and asked all not indifferent people to help.

A few days later John Scoles received a call from Roger Turenne, the manager of Economy Pawn on Main Street. The man said that he saw a guitar in his shop. The man who brought the guitar to the pawnshop said that he bought it on the street for $20.

Roger Turenne told the man to return the guitar, otherwise, he had to call the police.

Scoles thanked Turenne and posted a photo of the returned guitar on his Facebook. He wrote that the pawnshop manager showed incredible courage and acted very quickly.

Roger Turenne explained that he always asks people questions when they bring items to the pawnshop. If he doesn't think someone is the legitimate owner, he will not accept it. He values his reputation and fights for justice in the city.

To increase the chances of returning any stolen object, Turenne advises people to take photos of everything they have. The man presents all information he has including the model and the serial number of each item to the police. If the item is stolen, the police will be able to easily check the serial numbers in the database and to return it to the owner. 

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Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club stolen guitar pawnshop
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