Tickets for the whiteout parties outside Winnipeg Jets playoff games go on sale on April 8

Tickets for the whiteout parties outside Winnipeg Jets playoff games go on sale on April 8

All Winnipeggers are waiting forward to visiting the most important sports event of the year.

Besides attending Winnipeg Jets playoff games, thousands of city inhabitants will also visit the whiteout parties. However, this year they will not be free.

True North Sports & Entertainment announced plans for the events and informed that tickets will cost $5 in 2019. In 2018 all street events were free. They attracted so many people that the city’s police could not provide security. Therefore, it was decided to limit the attendance of the events.

Dayna Spiring, CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg, said that all proceeds from the street-party ticket sales will be given to the United Way and will be spent on homelessness and mental health programs.

Getting Jets in playoffs is a joyous event for the whole city and it unites its residents. Not only the United Way but also the ordinary inhabitants of Winnipeg help the most vulnerable population.

Now, a homeless person has an opportunity to visit a Jets game thanks to a Winnipegger Ryan DeLong and Main Street Project.

Ryan DeLong is a big fan of Jets. Some time ago he came up with a brilliant idea – he decided to help the homeless. So, he teamed up with Main Street Project and bought Jets playoff tickets for a man living in Winnipeg streets.

It happened after DeLong saw a homeless wearing a t-shirt with the Jets logo. At that moment, the man thought that it would be great to help that poor guy to visit a Jets game. 

In addition to tickets to a sporting event, Ryan also wants to make other gifts for the homeless. For example, he will be given clothes, he will have a haircut, and so on. Perhaps this one day can change the life of the man. Even if it does not change his life, it can give him a positive outlook on life.

As soon as DeLong's friend Trisha Kulathungam heard about his unique idea, she offered her tickets for the fifth game of the first round. She remembers her emotions at the Jets games and wants to help other people experience them.

Local companies such as Oliver Reis Salon, Evolve Estetics, DeLong Lashes, Loka Boutique, and NorthFlag have already contributed to Ryan’s cause. If you also want to help, you can do it visiting Pay It Forward Winnipeg.

As it became known, the first street party will provide an opportunity for 15,000 people to visit it. The United Way will distribute 500 of those tickets for free. Tickets go on sale on April 8. Anyone who has a ticket to a home playoff game will be able to get to the party for free.

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