Wild turkeys continue to wander around Winnipeg

Wild turkeys continue to wander around Winnipeg

Wild turkeys were first seen in Winnipeg last week.

Turkey flocks were wandering in many city areas, including yards in River Heights, roadways in south St. Norbert and even a Starbucks parking lot.

Photos and videos of wild turkeys continue to appear on social networks. So, they are still in the city and as it became known the birds are making their way to Osborne Village.  

City authorities continue to recommend people not to get too close to wild birds because it can be dangerous. After winter, turkeys are in search of food, as well as in the desire to produce offspring. Any movement in their direction can be considered as a potential threat and can lead to the attack of birds on humans.

However, some Winnipeggers are not afraid to take risks for the sake of beautiful photos and come pretty close to the turkeys.

Heather Hinam, a naturalist and educator, said that she never saw wild turkeys so far in the city. Most likely, they are looking for places to hide from predators such as coyotes. They can find a sufficient amount of food in the courtyards of people and find a good safe place to have a love relationship with the opposite sex.

If turkeys find places with constant access to food, they can live in Winnipeg all spring. Therefore, it is very important for city residents to give these wild birds the opportunity to feel safe and not to invade their personal space.

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