Before the Bridge pet adoption in Winnipeg

Before the Bridge pet adoption in Winnipeg

Animal shelters are full of animals that are just waiting for someone to take care of them and bring them to a place they can feel safe at and could call it home.

Doggy daycares across Winnipeg are filling up fast, February and March is pretty much the peak season for daycare and boarding. But still, even after the winter is over, there are many pets waiting to be adopted and find a new home.

Fosters and supplies are always needed to help support the animals being taken care of by Before the Bridge. For more on how you can help, and to see the dogs looking for homes please visit the organization`s website.

Animal Services introduced the Doggie Date program in 2018 and said they saw an immediate reaction from people who wanted to participate. The idea is so that people instead of adopting the dog right away, now they can take dogs and puppies for a week, weekend or even just one day, to kind of give that puppy a try. Now you can get a dog for a weekend, take care of it and enjoy your time around one, the kids can play with a dog in the backyard or take it out for a walk, you can see the reaction of a dog and the children, also how your other pet will react, like cats and other.

The program became so popular they are now reaching out to local shopping malls and asking them to take part by allowing Doggie Dates there. The need for foster parents is always high for rescues, including Winnipeg Giant Breed Rescue.

Donations like food, pee pads, or cleaning supplies are always in need as well.

There is a deposit to go on a Doggie Date, but it is refunded as soon as the dog is returned. The deposit is the equivalent of the adoption fee someone would pay for the dog if they were taking it home permanently.

The best thing about such programs is that you actually get to try how it is to have a pet and really to take care of it and enjoy the time and activities together. Please share visit the website, come over to your local shelter and bring friends and family. Giving hope and a new home to those cute little puppies and kittens really makes a difference and will bring joy in your house!

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