Iconic Sikh photo can be seen in downtown Winnipeg

Iconic Sikh photo can be seen in downtown Winnipeg

Manitoba's first Sikh Heritage Month connects the past to the present in Winnipeg.

An iconic Sikh photo was recreated to raise awareness of all city residents about the Sikh heritage. If we look at the photo, we immediately see the streetcar and the architecture of the early 20th Century. However, the generations of Sikhs see much more.

They see pioneers. They see perseverance. However, most of all, they see pride.

That is why the interest of people in this photo is so great.

Imreet Kaur, the government relations and creative director for Sikh Heritage Manitoba, explained that the photo was taken in 1908. At that moment, the men from the photo did not even know that they will become part of the Sikh heritage.

If to make a brief excursion into history, it is possible to remember that racism against Sikh people was at the highest level from 1900 to 1910.

People wanted to present the best version of themselves, and four men on the photo show it well. This is why the Sikhs still feel something when they look at it even 111 years later.

Kaur also explained that when he talked to the youth in the communities, he saw a lack of heritage content pertaining to Sikhs in Manitoba. Young Sikhs of future generations should know their history.

The new photo was unveiled at the Manitoba Legislature and now all Winnipeggers will be able to see it. 

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Manitoba's first Sikh Heritage Month iconic Sikh photo Manitoba Legislature
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