Heritage status for Armstrong's Point led to a big discussion

Heritage status for Armstrong's Point led to a big discussion

Armstrong's Point was created in the 1880s.

It is hugged by a large bend in the Assiniboine River on three sides and has lots of century-old buildings and three iron-and-stone entrance gates.

City council is still discussing whether this district should get a heritage status or not. Its decision will control the look of development in the area in the future.

St. Vital Coun. Brian Mayes supported the idea, however, he added that the Glenwood neighbourhood should also get a heritage status. People living there repeatedly showed the desire to preserve the appearance of the buildings and asked the city council to have some control of infill development.

As he believes other city areas should have the same attitude and the right to become part of the cultural heritage as Armstrong's Point. Otherwise, class inequality can be observed in the city.

Residents of Armstrong's Point began to ask for its heritage status several years ago. The Manitoba Historical Society website shows that the Point has the ornamental Tyndall stone gates that were built in 1911 and also a 30-room house that was created in 1883.

It also has:

20 West Gate: Cornish Library, a Carnegie library named after city's first mayor, Francis Cornish. Completed in 1915.

40 West Gate: At one time, the French Consulate.

54 West Gate: Ralph Connor House, a national historic site.

134 West Gate: At one time, the Japanese Consulate.

The city's downtown development committee started its work on establishing heritage conservation districts in 2015. The most important argument was the fact that the new status could protect the area. City builders will not build modern residential complexes and malls there. The look of the century-old buildings will also be preserved.

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