Two drugs used to fight alcoholism are now easier to get

Two drugs used to fight alcoholism are now easier to get

Drugs to treat alcohol abuse are now easier to get.

Dr. Ginette Poulin, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba medical director, noted that the city and the province made a huge step forward in the treatment of alcohol abuse. Now, people who get pharmacare or Manitoba Families drug plans can get access to Naltrexone and Acamprosate easier. Patients do not have to wait to fill their prescriptions and have the costs covered.

The decision to make changes to the medicine formulary was made due to the fact that drinking alcohol is the number one cause of various injuries and deaths in Winnipeg and Manitoba as a whole. Alcohol also lead to many serious illnesses. Now, Manitobans can get prescriptions for two drugs without waiting for authorization or approval.

Naltrexone and Acamprosate reduce the side effects and the desire to continue to consume alcoholic beverages.

Dr. Ginette Poulin also said that timely access to treatment is crucial for people who are looking for help. Previously, patients could spend a week to get access to necessary drugs.

The woman believes that such steps not only help reduce the stigma associated with an alcohol-related disorder but also help support patients in their recovery.

The innovations take effect immediately.

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