Golden West Centennial Lodge hide information about the salmonella outbreak

Golden West Centennial Lodge hide information about the salmonella outbreak

Golden West Centennial Lodge decided not to inform the families of the patients about the salmonella outbreak.

As the daughter of one of the patients of care home explained, she learned about the epidemic from the news.

Holly Doan's mother has been at Golden West in Winnipeg for a long time. She is 93, she has dementia and other health problems. In the past, the care home always reported any issues, but not this time. Now the information is kept secret, and the woman does not know if her mother is healthy and if she was tested for the presence of the terrible disease. The only information that the woman learned from the media is that two people have already died. Their names and ages are not disclosed.

For the first time information about the epidemic appeared at the end of March. Doan's family members visited her mother several times since then and they were unaware of the disease in the care home. Doan is sure that people need to know about the outbreak. The health of their relatives depends on it. If one learns about a disease in time, then it can be cured much easier than at a late stage.

Holly added that her mother waited to get into this place because the care is known to be good, and she has been very delighted with it. Therefore, the behaviour of Golden West is not evident. The woman does not understand what could be the reason for hiding such valuable information.

Recall that the salmonella outbreak is observed in six provinces. More than 60 people have already been ill, and the source of the disease has not been found yet.

Currently, two deaths are officially registered in Winnipeg.

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