A much needed spring cleaning of Winnipeg’s streets

A much needed spring cleaning of Winnipeg’s streets

As the snow melted away with a spring coming to Winnipeg the residents of the city are disappointed when they see a considerable amount of litter on the streets of the city. Also, a huge number of potholes showed on our roads. The city authorities dispatched multiple crews and road construction equipment to get the streets fixed and make it safe to drive.

The city will begin the annual spring cleanup operation of streets, sidewalks and back lanes on April 22nd, 2019 at 10:00 pm. Starting on Monday, most of the city’s transportation infrastructure will be in for a good sweeping. Crews will also go after all the litter and debris in the city’s parks.

The local charity which is engaged in cleaning the city has already made its assessment and reported that in 2019 Winnipeg is dirtier than in 2018.

All Winnipeg streets, including back lanes, will be swept over the next five to six weeks. Due to warmer temperatures, cleaning in the downtown area, major routes, bridges, and overpasses have already started.

The operation will cost $6 million and will sweep all sidewalks, active transportation pathways, boulevards, and medians on main routes, bus routes, and collector streets. Crews will also clean up litter and debris within City parks. Clean up of boulevards in residential areas will be limited to areas where there is the excessive accumulation of sand.

Winnipeg residents should start seeing temporary “no parking” signs go up on some streets to restrict parking during scheduled cleaning times.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please pay attention to where you park your vehicles and simply follow the rules to avoid the ticket and so our streets will get the much-needed cleaning.

Take Pride Winnipeg is concerned about the litter situation in the city
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