Impaired driving charges for Winnipeg driver

Impaired driving charges for Winnipeg driver

Impaired driving and speeding are major factors in road accidents, as well as distracted driving. All of these factors can lead to serious crashes with vehicles damaged and people getting injured or even killed. Over 78% of all distracted drivers are distracted because they have been texting while driving.

On Tuesday, April 30th Winnipegger was busted and charged with impaired driving.  A 23-year-old man is facing impaired driving charges after a single-vehicle collision.

Winnipeg police said the man blew more than four times the legal limit. And it happened in the morning as a result of day-drinking. The blood test showed 360 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood.

Unfortunately, a lot of speeders and drivers under influence are teenagers, who are not just irresponsible to their own vehicles and lives, but to other people’s health and lives as well. Some drivers just really don’t care about the rules and driving regulations, they do not care for their own safety and their passengers, friends and family members.

According to MPI’s statistics, 71 people were killed in crashes last year, and 30 of those deaths are attributed to impaired driving – impairment caused by either alcohol or drugs.

So fellow Winnipeggers please do not get behind a wheel after even just one drink, please don’t text and drive, follow the speed limits, the limits there for a good reason, keep our roads safe and easy to drive. Let’s all be responsible drivers and care for each other, so at the end of the day, we can all come back home to our loved ones.