Creative ways to use recycled material by Winnipeg companies

Creative ways to use recycled material by Winnipeg companies

Recycling is not new to Winnipeg, but every new project brings more opportunities to participate and help us save nature and save our planet!

While some plastic and wood products are difficult to recycle, they are finding a new life at ReGen Composites.

The Winnipeg-based company is using their technology to take items like clamshell plastics, coffee cups, plastic bags, and zip-lock bags and turning them into products like benches and building blocks.

The company uses the local waste from their commercial partners, and while they are a relatively new business, they’ve already expanded their operations. Gowdar said they processed 2,000 pounds of raw material when they first opened, but are now able to handle 80,000 pounds.

Volunteers are really making a difference in helping those who are in need. We are talking homeless people, poor, sick, disabled, children without parents…, the list is endless, so each volunteer, each day and each hour they give and provide the service, really helps those people and the cities to stay cleaner and a better place to live in.

Beyond increasing capacity locally, the business is also expanding into other markets. Gowdar said they will be opening manufacturing operations in Toronto and three more in the United States over the next eight to ten months.

Everyone has the opportunity to help your local community, city and our planet with recycling. You can visit your local recycling locations and do your part by bringing waste for reuse, or simply by volunteering a few hours of your day to make Winnipeg a cleaner city for your children to grow and live in. Fellow Winnipeggers, please come over and bring your friends to share the idea of recycling in general.