Winnipeg camp will be helping people with disabilities learn to ride a bike

Winnipeg camp will be helping people with disabilities learn to ride a bike

Biking is good for your physical health and mental state. Many Winnipeggers enjoy biking as family time, for sport and soul recreation, but some take it further, even set records!

But some people do not have the ability to ride a bicycle and enjoy the activity in full, so a camp in Winnipeg is aiming to give everyone a chance to learn how to ride a bike.

The camp, based out of the United States, has been taking place in the city for four years. Winnipeg’s St. Amant, which is a centre and foundation that helps people with developmental disabilities, is taking part by playing host for this year’s camp.

Winnipegger Arvid Loewen has spent the past 15 years cycling across Canada (four times), the United States (twice) and beyond, all in support of a street children’s rescue mission in Africa. A local grandfather and ultra-marathon cyclist will be receiving the Order of Manitoba on Thursday for his years of dedication to charity work.

The event goes from July 22 to July 26 with each day split into 75-minute sessions.

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Green Action Center, has a program that helps to inspire kids to start biking or walking to school as well as teaches kids in the program the benefits of starting out the day with physical activity.

Winnipeg grandfather to receive Order of Manitoba
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