Drowning Prevention Week

Drowning Prevention Week

The summer is here, many great family events are available now and even more coming to Manitoba. Naturally, people looking for new activities, something different after the long winter, the pool or the lake getaway sounds great and safe but, unfortunately, accidents happen.

Unfortunately, Manitoba still holds the tragic title of the Child Drowning capital of Canada as the drowning death rate for children ages zero to four is more than three times the national average.

Every year, The Lifesaving Society of Manitoba designates the third week in July as National Drowning Prevention Week, to focus community attention on the drowning problem and drowning awareness.

Educating parents on the importance of putting down their phones, books, and paperwork to pay attention to their children when they are playing around water is the first step to reducing the amount of drowning in Manitoba and Canada overall.

Just a few months ago an incident occurred in Winnipeg’s Courts of St. James pool. The City of Winnipeg’s Fire Paramedic service confirmed three people had been taken from the pool to hospital in critical condition.

So not just children are at risk while in the water, but adults too!