Canad Inns Polo new water park in Winnipeg

Canad Inns Polo new water park in Winnipeg

The summer is here and many great family events are available now and even more coming to Manitoba.

Naturally, people looking for new activities, something different after the long winter, the family pool day sounds like an amazing idea!

The city has recommended Canad Inns Polo Park as the site for Winnipeg’s new Water Park that was recently approved. The plan will include a 66,000 square foot water park that will be attached to Canad Inns Polo Park and is estimated to cost $56 million, $7 million will be funded by the city.

The water park will be owned and operated by Canad Inns Polo Park but there will certainly be general public access to the park at reasonable prices.

Every Winnipegger is excited about the new pool!

When planning a family trip to the pool, please make sure to bring all the necessary clothing and gear, parents need to be extra careful and pay attention to their children at all times.

Also, check out the link below for more information on a first floating water park coming to Manitoba: