Winnipeg church was put on fire on purpose

Winnipeg church was put on fire on purpose

A fire is always a scary and dangerous thing, people might get hurt or killed, especially children and elderly citizens since they are not able to react fast and evacuate the building by themselves.

The church had not even received a call after the fire on Sunday night and discovered it themselves Monday morning. Someone had set a fire on the exterior wall of the church.

It looks like they used an accelerant and blackened the whole side of the building, plus there was smoke inside. The damage occurred mainly on the exterior of the building, but repairs will obviously need to be made including a new door and windows.

Fire Chief Mark Reshaur says not enough people have evacuation plans for their own homes.

It is always better to be prepared before anything happen because in a critical situation most people can’t think clearly and make bad decisions. But a trained person, someone who has a plan for the emergency like house fire and other, will most likely to remain calm and just follow the protocol, simply follow the instruction step by step.