Family pool day is a great idea!

Family pool day is a great idea!

This summer is one of the hottest one for the last couple of years, naturally, people looking to cool off and new activities.

So, a family pool day sounds like an amazing idea!

Winnipeg residents are encouraged by the City to come in, cool off, and get a drink of water from city facilities this weekend, during their regular hours.

Spray pads and wading pools will also provide relief this weekend.

Also, a very important safety reminder:

When using additional cooling appliances such as portable air conditioners, not to overload electrical circuits as this can create a fire risk.

To avoid a fire do not use extension cords and only use a dedicated circuit.

For the safety of other people and pets, do not leave them unattended in parked vehicles.

Young children and pets are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses during extreme temperatures.

Check on seniors and other vulnerable people who may not have anyone else.

Ensure pets have adequate access to water and cooler areas, including shaded or indoor areas.

When planning a family trip to the pool, please make sure to bring all the necessary clothing and gear, parents need to be extra careful and pay attention to their children at all times.