Terry Fox Day brings people together

Terry Fox Day brings people together

For almost 40 years now The Terry Fox Foundation has worked to achieve Terry`s vision, a world without Cancer.

Canadians from all parts of the country gather together annually to help raise funds to fight cancer. Terry Fox Day brings people together for a good cause.

This Terry Fox day the foundation will be celebrating the new Marathon of hope cancer network grant that consists of 150 million dollars in total granted to the organization over 5 years.

The grant goes to the Terry Fox research institute which is what the Terry Fox Foundation funds and will help work towards a better understanding of precision oncology.

One of the ways the Federal Government, who is providing the grant is hoping to do this is by bringing together research teams from around the country to focus on cancer research and learn from each other.

Everyone hopes they will be able to influence research and help find new drugs and means that can help fight cancer and save the lives of many people in the future.