Vaughan Street closed for Skywalk repair

Vaughan Street closed for Skywalk repair

The City of Winnipeg tabled its budget for 2019, some of the highlights include a regular tax rise, but a decrease in roads spending by $29.6 million to $86.4 millions.

At least 56 streets and 11 back alleys likely won’t be fixed in Winnipeg this year, thanks to funding spat between the City and the Province.

But still, there are many road construction projects in the works, like the Skywalk repair, which includes some downtown streets. Vaughan Street was closed on Sunday morning until noon.

Northbound Vaughan Street was temporarily closed for repairs above the street. From Portage Avenue to Ellice Avenue was closed to all vehicular traffic 8 a.m. to noon on August 25th.

The city administrators told the infrastructure committee that 34 local roads will be repaired in 2019. For a complete list of projects for the city`s road construction, please visit the link:

Winnipeg is a great and constantly growing city. Our city authorities recognize a need for constant growth and development as the city`s population grows every year.

Manager of engineering at the Public Works Department Brad Neirinck noted that the timing of the projects depends on many factors like weather conditions and big events in the city, which involve some roads blocking form traffic and only pedestrians allowed on a temporary basis.