Kildonan Place indoor playground closed

Kildonan Place indoor playground closed

During long and cold Winnipeg winter days parents are always looking for indoor places to take their children to play around, run and communicate with other kids.

So, any indoor playground will be popular among Winnipeggers. But, unfortunately, some places like that are closing and that leaves fewer options for indoor winter activities for our kids.

Sandra Hagenaars is the General Manager of Kildonan Place. She says the mall removed their popular play area known as Camp KP last Sunday. There were a number of factors in this decision, but many parts of the play structures were worn out and at the end of their useful life.

Hagenaars says that the leftover pieces of equipment that are still useful will be donated to St. Amant Centre for them to use with their children’s programs. Other pieces will also be donated to Habitat for Humanity for re-use or re-purposing.

One Winnipeg mom, Katherine Penner, says she and her two kids will be sad to lose the space. With winter right around the corner, it's disappointing as it was always a go-to option on cold days.

Hopefully, a new indoor playground will be open soon in a location nearby to be able to take children soon, because the winter is just around the corner.